Conference on digitial diasporas

I recently saw this conference advertised through the Media Anthropology Network. It’s taking place in Columbia in less than three weeks’ time (so it’s unrealistic to suggest that anyone reading this might go) but some of the papers looks very interesting. Although they all touch on the issue none of them seem to be discussing diasporic online community archives. It would be interesting I think to hear more about the role of social networking specifically around cultural heritage in the construction of identity.



We are living an historic moment in which the basic organization of relations in society has been enormously impacted by the possibility, for the first time in history, of establishing real-time communications across the world.

In this context, the circumstances of interaction, particularly those generated by Internet, have allowed “digital diasporas” to mushroom, as cyberspace configurations for social groups of people who are geographically scattered but sharing some common national background.

This makes it relevant to create an opportunity for reflection on the subject, approaching the construction of distance networks and communities, their relationships with the place of origin and impact on that place. This implies reflection on relations which transnational social networks have with ideas of culture, identity and development.


Gain experiences from around the world in the engagement of migrants through the use of the Internet and hold an academic discussion on the subject. Provide tools to facilitate work in the construction of digital networks

in the country of origin and outside it. Disseminate the experience of RedEsColombia as a model for the management of a system of social networks and obtain inputs (theoretical and empirical) to orientate their development.

Further information



Place: Auditorio Mutis, Universidad del Rosario

7:00 Arrival and registration

8:00 Installation.

Speakers: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of Mission, IOM, Direction of Consular Affairs and Colombian communities abroad Coordinator of Colombia Nos Une

9:00 Presentation of the project RedEsColombia

10:15 Coffee

10:30 “Culture and policy in the use of ICTs: Nation, Community, and networks”

Speaker: Arturo Escobar

PANEL 1: Construction of the distance community and its relations with the place of origin

11:45 “Living in Cybernetic Space: electronic diaspora and individual identity”

Panelista: Ananda Mitra

12:30 Lunch (free)

Continuation of PANEL 1

14:30 “A bridge to home: Internet and New Forms of Interaction in Emigrant Communities”

Panelist: Celene Navarrete

15:15 “Linking Argentinians to the world: ICT community networks, civil society in the era of knowledge”.

Panelist: Alejandro Prince

16:00 Comentators: Gerardo Ardila and William Mejia

PANEL 2: The impact of the digital diaspora on the place of origin

17:00 “Diaspora, cyberspace and citizenship: new political times and places”.

Panelist: Victoria Bernal

18:00 Close of day’s sessions


Place: Auditorio Mutis, Universidad del Rosario.

Continuation of PANEL 2: The impact of the digital diaspora on the place of origin

8:00 “Diasporas: threads of a new fabric curing the digital fracture”

Panelist: Jean Baptiste Meyer

8:45 “Marketing the Philippines as “Home” and Business: Solidifying the

Diasporic Identity and Economic Security through the Internet and Filipino Channel”

Panelist: Emily Noelle Ignacio

9:30 Comentators: Andrés Salcedo and Maria Claudia Duque

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Working group I (academic)

12:45 Lunch (free)

2:30 Working Group II (creation of networks)

4:30 Working Group III (international)

18:00 Close of symposium


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