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Irish in Britain seminar series

May 13, 2009

Details below of a forthcoming seminar series. The session on June 10 which will look at the records of London’s Irish county associations may be of particular interest to those interested in community archives.

Irish in Britain Seminar Series 2009

After a decade or so of decline in Irish emigration, the numbers of Irish
people coming to Britain have started to rise again in the last  eighteen
months.  It is still too early to say whether this is the beginning of
another major wave of Irish migration as witnessed in the  1950s and
1980s.  If it is, it is likely to have very different features to
previous waves in the context of the current worldwide recession.

The Irish in Britain Seminar Series provides an opportunity for
students, researchers and scholars of Irish Studies to debate and
disseminate the latest research in the field, in the light of these
developments.  For over twenty years the Irish Studies Centre has
provided a forum for teaching, learning and research and this seminar
series is an informal but informative means and opportunity for anyone
interested in engaging with current issues and research about the Irish
in Britain.

Tuesday 26 May, Prof Bronwen Walter, Anglia Ruskin University
Fictional Irish Presences in English Diaspora Space: a Social Science

Tuesday 2 June, Dr Ann Rossiter
Hidden Histories: The Irish ‘Abortion Trail’ and the Undercover Support
Network within the London-Irish Community

Wednesday 10 June, Dr Nicole McLennan, London Metropolitan University
Irish Connections: London’s County Associations

Tuesday 16 June, Dr Reg Hall
Researching the Irish in Britain: Methodological Approaches

Seminars will take place 6.30-8pm in
The Old Staff Café,
London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB

ALL WELCOME – Refreshments provided

Underground: Holloway Road (Picadilly Line)
Buses: 43, 153, 271, 393
Overground: Highbury & Islington

Further details from Tony Murray

Seminar on memory and digital community archives

May 5, 2009

Title: Dr Dora Carpenter, ‘A virtual Jewish Tunisia: the language of memory on’
Location: University of Brighton
Description: For details about forthcoming seminars and further information about the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories, visit the link; or contact Graham Dawson (<>)
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-05-13
End Time: 20:00

Seminar: ‘Dig for Victory! Memory, media, and new ecological subjectivities’

April 3, 2009

Title: Seminar: ‘Dig for Victory! Memory, media, and new ecological subjectivities’
Location: Seminar room G7, 10-11 Pavilion Parade annex, Grand Parade site, University of Brighton

Rebecca’s abstract:

As the credit crunch bites and the ecological crisis looms, popular cultural references to Second World War home front policies have become widespread, from ‘make do and mend’ to the return (in Jamie Oliver’s latest show) of the Ministry of Food. Perhaps most insistent is the call to ‘dig for victory’, a discourse that invokes memories of the wartime response to food shortages with a view to promoting ‘sustainable living’ today. My paper addresses this particular articulation of past to present in the context of debates in cultural studies about ‘ambivalent’ or anti-consumerism. I will focus in particular on the task of understanding the role of ‘memory’ and history in the constitution of new, potentially radical, subjectivities.

Dr Rebecca Bramall is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies in the School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences, University of Brighton. Her research has focused on questions of amnesia in critical theory, and the politics and ethics of remembering and forgetting.

I heard a version of this presentation a couple of months ago at the Cultural Memory seminar at the IGRS and found it very stimulating. Highly recommended!

[to request door entry code, email g.dawson [at]]
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-04-29
End Time: 20:00

Diversity seminars at the V&A in July

July 3, 2008

Cultural Diversity at V&AIn March 2005 the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) was awarded £978,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund for a broad-ranging diversity project which sought to uncover ‘hidden histories’ within the V&A’s collections and to collect new tangible and intangible artefacts and to make these accessible to museum audiences. One strand of the project was ‘Partnerships, capacity building and cultural ownership’. This strand aimed:

To develop mutually beneficial, meaningful partnerships with Black and Minority Ethnic community organisations to encourage shared cultural ownership and strengthen the relationship between mainstream and non-mainstream heritage sectors.

This is obviously relevant to BME community archives. The project is now in the closing stages and the V&A is organising a series of seminars to explore the idea of the diverse museum. Of particular relevance to community archives are:

For the Record‘, July 16th: ‘Explore ways identifying and managing offensive terminology in historical records and look at the problem of silences in the collection. Understand the roots of offensive language and how to ensure that language is current.’


Partnerhips: what’s the problem?‘, July 18th: ‘We all want to work in partnership and set out with the best intentions, but, too often these relationships do not work as well as we would like. This session will explore what the reasons for that might be. With examples of good and “bad” partnerships we will explore the challenges of making lasting and meaningful relationships.’

The seminars are free, and mostly run from 10am to 2pm. To find out more about the whole programme or to register for one of the seminars email Rosie Cooper (

[Image, showing event at the V&A copied from HLF website pages on diversity. No further details are given on the page.]