Since the project has begun we have submitted a number of articles and book chapters for publication. The majority are still at the review stage, but we hope to be able to announce more publications very shortly.

Information about other research publications not directly related to this project can be found on our UCL webpages (Andrew, Mary, Elizabeth).


  • Flinn, Andrew (2008). ‘Other Ways of Thinking, Other Ways of Being. Documenting the Margins and the Transitory: What to Preserve, How to Collect’ Chapter 6 in Craven,L (ed.) What are Archives? Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives. Aldershot: Ashgate, 109-128. ISBN: 9780754673101

Forthcoming (publication agreed)

  • Andrew Flinn and Mary Stevens, ‘“It is noh mistri, wi mekin histri”. Telling our own story: independent and community archives, challenging and subverting the mainstream’, in eds Ben Alexander and Jeanette Bastian, Communities and Their Archives: Creating and Sustaining Memory, London: Facet Press.
  • Andrew Flinn, Mary Stevens & Elizabeth Shepherd, ‘Whose memories, whose archives? Independent community archives, autonomy and the
    mainstream’, Archival Science.

Submitted and awaiting review

  • Mary Stevens, Andrew Flinn and Elizabeth Shepherd, ‘New frameworks for community engagement in the archive sector: from handing over to handing on’, International Journal of Heritage Studies.
  • Ajamu X, Topher Campbell and Mary Stevens, ‘Love and Lubrication in the Archives or rukus! A Black Queer Archive for the UK’ Archivaria.

Conference papers

  • Andrew Flinn, 19 September 2009 (forthcoming) ‘History workshops: producing community histories in the 21st century’, Legacies and Futures: The History Workshop and Radical Education, Ruskin College, Oxford.
  • Mary Stevens, March 2009, ‘Owning the past, imagining the future: towards an ethnography of heritage practices in a community context’, at Living Cultures – Contemporary Ethnographies of Culture, Institute for Communications Studies (ICS) and the Media Industries Research Centre (MIRC), The University of Leeds.
  • Andrew Flinn, December 2008, invited paper, ‘Archives and their communities: collecting histories, challenging heritage’, Symposium to launch Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton
  • Andrew Flinn, November 2008, invited paper, ‘Independent community archives & community generated content. A challenge or an opportunity for archivists and historians?’, Royal Historical Society / The National Archives Gerald Aylmer Seminar, ‘The wisdom of the experts and the wisdom of the crowds’, Maughan Library, Kings College London
  • Andrew Flinn, November 2008, with Louise Ray (NCA), ‘Responding to changing professional responsibilities? HLF funding and the implications for archivists, their employers and their educators’, Public Service Quality Group Forum, TNA
  • Andrew Flinn, August 2008 Invited keynote paper, ‘Whose memories, whose archives? Community archives, autonomy and the mainstream’, 4th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, ‘Minority Reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives’, Perth: West Australia
  • Andrew Flinn, July 2008 ‘Archives & their communities: serving the people’, 16th International Council on Archives Congress, Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia
  • Andrew Flinn, May 2008 Invited paper, ‘Diversifying archival practices: utilising community knowledge in archival description’, Welsh Libraries Archives and Museums Conference, LLandrindod Wells
  • Andrew Flinn, April 2008 ‘Democratising the Archive. Representing diversity: an agenda for a 21st century profession’, The Philosophy of the Archive conference, Edinburgh
  • Andrew Flinn, March 2008 Invited paper, ‘Diversity and inclusion in the Archive: a few suggestions’, MLA London Inclusive Practice workshop 3, London
  • Andrew Flinn, February 2008 Invited paper, ‘The “Community Archives” movement. Examining the roots & developments of grassroots community heritage and history’ University College Dublin, History Department seminar, Dublin

Before the start of the project

The background to the project is described in an article Andrew published in 2007 in the Journal of the Society of Archivists:

  • Flinn,A. (2007). ‘Community Histories, Community Archives: Some Opportunities and Challenges.’ Journal of the Society of Archivists 28(2), 151-176.

And here are some of Andrew’s conference papers on this topic:

  • September 2007 Invited paper, ‘Using archives, developing identities: community histories and social memories’, ARMReN Research Workshop: Access and impact, Liverpool
  • July 2007 Invited paper, ‘Community and mainstream archives: some opportunities and challenges’, Society of Archivists London Region meeting, London
  • June 2007 Invited paper, ‘Community histories, community archives: preservation, ownership and use’ Sharing Community Memories conference, UCL, London
  • November 2006 Invited paper, ‘Archives and identity: whose stories, whose archives?’, UCL Mellon Seminar Programme, UCL, London
  • September 2006 ‘Documenting the margins: what to collect, what to preserve?’, Society of Archivists Annual Conference, Lancaster

  • June 2006 ‘Archives, Social History & Representativeness’, Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research 2006 conference, Aberystwyth

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