Call for papers: new media

From EASA media anthropology network:

Natalia Rulyova and Jeremy Morris, The University of Birmingham, in cooperation with Vlad Strukov, the University of Leeds, and Seth Graham, SSEES, University College London, are organising a series of two workshops New Media in New Europe-Asia. We are applying for CEELBAS support to run the workshops and are planning to have the best papers published in a special issue of Europe-Asia Studies. We invite contributions from scholars working in a range of disciplines and taking disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to new media in Russia, Eurasia and Central Europe. We have outlined the themes of the workshops below.

SSEES, UCL, 28 May 2010

The Nature and Culture of New Media

  • Do the internet and new media liberate from the hegemony of large mass communication corporations? What is the future of the mass media in the age of digital technologies: popularity versus authority?
  • What coding and decoding strategies do new media audiences use? Do they take advantage of the limitless resources of the web?
  • How has the dichotomy posed by the traditional contrasts between text and image changed due to new media technologies?
  • How have social networking, blogging, and video-posting websites changed the relationship between the media and audiences?
  • What impact have new media had on the developments in pop and celebrity culture?

Contact Natalia Rulyova, for more information.

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