Lecture series at Warwick on diasporic identities

All of these look interesting but the seminar on May 14th May be of particular interest to community archivists.

Professor Donna Gabaccia at Warwick

May 5th to 14th, 2009


Week 1

Tuesday 5th May, 10.30-12.30

Symposium: Diaspora Studies and Diasporic Identities: Italians and Others

Speakers: Donna Gabaccia (Minnesota), Stefano Luconi (Florence). Main discussant: Robin Cohen (Oxford)

Venue: Social Studies Building. Room S0.13

Friday 8th May, 1-6pm

Workshop: Interrogating the usefulness of the diaspora paradigm for the study of migrant, transnational and postcolonial cultures and literatures

Detailed programme to follow

Venue: Humanities Building. Room H0.60

Week 2

Monday 11th May, 5.30-7pm

Seminar: Gender and Theory in an Interdisciplinary Field: International Migration Studies

Venue: Ramphal Building. Room R3.25

Wednesday 13th May, 5-7pm

Public lecture: Imagining Nations of Immigrants

Venue: Humanities Building. Room H0.52

Thursday 14th May, 3-5pm

Seminar: Do Words Matter? The History of Ideas meets the Digital Archive

Venue: Ramphal Building. Rooms R0.03/4


These events have been organised by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study, in collaboration with the Department of Italian and the Social Theory Centre at Warwick University

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