Mangina Monologues – A rukus! federation event

Title: Mangina Monologues
Location: Soho theatre, 21 Dean Street
Description: From Rukus! : “The Mangina Monologues is a sexy dynamic brand new play that explores the exciting mix of race sexuality and manhood. Eight leading writers come together to create characters never been seen or heard on stage before. The writers delve deeply into the experience of sexual pleasure, desire, love, identity and politics.

Mangina Monologues is a play that challenges simplistic ideas of Black Masculinity and examines how Black men love in today’s world.

The writers:

Christopher Rodriguez Talawa associate director and writer of Clear Water and Caribbean drag smash hit High Heeled Parrot Fish

Dean Atta Award winning writer, performance poet and actor. Dean’s work is winning hearts and minds around the country

Deaobia Operei Award winning actor Star of Moulin Rouge and Aliens and writer of hit Royal Court play Crazy Black Murtha**kingSelf

Harld Finley creator of the smart and sassy Rhymes Reasons and Bomb Ass Beats

Michael Bhim one of the UK’s most impressive new theatre voices. His first play Pure Gold was stage by Talawa at Soho Theatre

Remi Easom Seriously one to watch and a featured new voice in film already signed
to Draw pictures one of the country’s leading film companies.

Rikki Beadle Blair Award winning author of hit plays Bashment and The Family Game

Topher Campbell director, actor, filmmaker renaissance man. This is his theatre-writing debut.”

Start Time: 20:00
Date: 2009-02-24

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