Moroccan Memories touring exhibition

Title: Moroccan Memories touring exhibition
Location: Brunei Gallery, SOAS,University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H
Description: The Moroccan Memories project invites you to discover the rich heritage of one of the UK’s most exciting – and until now most hidden – communities…

Moroccan Memories in Britain is an oral and visual history project
designed to showcase the presence of the Moroccan community in the UK,
which goes back to before the 19th century. The national touring
exhibition explores this long history of British-Moroccan relations and
celebrates their shared heritage.

Entrance to the exhibition and all the events will be free.
Highlights of the SOAS programme include:

** Monday 15th Dec 2008 **

An inspiring evening of music from the Sahara, to the North West Coast of
Morocco, all the way to north and west London! First up are Harir Band,
named after its founder, composer and violinist, Abdelkader Harir, who
will play a selection of Andalousi-inspired compositions, reflecting
Harir\’s upbringing surrounded by the ancient Arabo-Andalucian musical
traditions in North West Morocco. This will be followed by Gnawa musician
Mustapha El Moumni and his band Gnawa Blues, who bring a fresh twist to
the equally as ancient, yet utterly different gnawa music. Gnawa is
traditionally performed as trance music for healing ceremonies across
North Africa, with its roots in West Africa. Come prepared to be
transfixed and enchanted by the sounds of the gumbri (lute) and the
qaraqeb (castanets).

** Tuesday 16th Dec 2008 **

Film screening followed by Q and A with the director
Dir. Saeed Taji Farouky. 2008 / English and Arabic with subtitles / 40

\’Masaraat\’ meaning \’life journeys\’ is a film documentary showcasing
different issues in the Moroccan community, including their experiences
living in the UK, identity and generational changes. For more information
about the director visit

** Thursday 18th Dec 2008 **

Brunei Lecture Theatre, SOAS
Morocco: Visions for the Future

“Moroccan Political Pluralism”
Dr Michael Willis (Oxford University)

“Moroccan Media and Politics: New Opportunities and Challenges”
Dr Ali Bahaijoub (North South Magazine)

“Mediterranean Migration Partnership: The Way Forward for Morocco?” Dr
Mike Collyer (Sussex University)

About the speakers:
-Dr. Michael Willis is a University Research Lecturer/ King Mohamed VI
Fellow in Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies at Oxford University.

– Dr Ali Bahaijoub is the Editor of North South Magazine. He was formerly
head of Maghreb Arab Press, London Bureau.

– Dr Mike Collyer is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Sussex Centre
for Migration Research.

** Additional film screenings **
Tue 16, 5:30pm
\’I Love Hip Hop in Morocco\’, Dir. Joshua Asen & Jennifer Needleman 2006
/USA / 80 min

Wed 17, 5pm ‘Looking for my wife’s husband, Dir. Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi
1994/ Morocco/ 100 minutes

7 pm ‘A Thousand Months’, Dir: Fawzi Bensaidi
2004/ France/Morocco/ Belgium/ 125 min

For more information about the project and details of future venues please
visit You can also contact the project
coordinator, Myriam Cherti:
Start Date: 2008-12-15
Start Time: 10:00
End Date: 2008-12-18
End Time: 19:00

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