Book Launch and Symposium: New Geographies of Race and Racism

Title: Book Launch ans symposium: New Geographies of Race and Racism
Location: Wilkins Old Refectory, Gower Street, UCL
Description: New Geographies of Race and Racism

* Imprint: Ashgate
* Published: September 2008

* Edited by Claire Dwyer and Caroline Bressey, University College London, UK

In recent years geographers interested in ethnicity, \’race\’ and racism have extended their focus from examining geographies of segregation and racism to exploring cultural politics, social practice and everyday geographies of identity and experience. This edited collection illustrates this new work and includes research on youth and new ethnicities; the contested politics of \’race\’ and racism; intersections of ethnicity, religion and \’race\’ and the theorisation and interrogation of whiteness. Case studies from the UK and Ireland focus on the intersections of \’race\’ and nation and the specificities of place in discourses of racilisation and identity. A key feature of the book is its engagement with a range of methodological approaches to examining the significance of race including ethnography, visual methodologies and historical analysis.

Contents: Introduction: island geographies: new geographies of race and racism, Claire Dwyer and Caroline Bressey; Part 1 Racing Histories and Geographies: Whiteness and the West, Alastair Bonnett; It\’s only political correctness – race and racism in British history, Caroline Bressey; Belonging in Britain – father\’s hands, Ingrid Pollard; On the significance of being white: European migrant workers in the British economy in the 1940s and 2000s, Linda McDowell. Part 2 Race, Place and Politics: East End Bengalis and the Labour party – the end of a long relationship?, Sarah Glynn; Integration and the politics of visibility and invisibility in Britain: the case of British Arab activists, Caroline Nagel and Lynn A. Staeheli; One Scotland, Many Cultures: the mutual constitution of anti-racism and place, Jan Penrose and David Howard; Politics, race and nation: the difference that Scotland makes, Peter Hopkins; Managing \’race\’ in a divided society: a study of race relations policy in Northern Ireland, Peter Geoghgan; Race and immigration in contemporary Ireland, Una Crowley, Mary Gilmartin and Rob Kitchin; The \’new geography\’ of ethnicity in England and Wales?, Michael Poulsen and Ron Johnston; The problem with segregation: exploring the racialisation of space in Northern Pennine towns, Deborah Phillips; After the cosmopolitan? New geographies of race and racism, Mike Keith. Part 3 Race, Space and \’Everyday\’ Geographies: The precarious and contradictory moments of existence for an emergent British Asian gay culture, Camilia Bassi; Encountering South Asian masculinity through the event, Jason Lim; Everyday multiculture and the emergence of race, Dan Swanton; Everyday geographies of marginality and encounter in the multicultural city, John Clayton; Young people\’s geographies of racism and anti-racism: the case of North East England, Anoop Nayak; Investigations into diasporic \’cosmopolitanism\’: beyond mythologies of the \’non-native\’, Divya P. Tolia-Kelly; Afterword: new geographies of race and racism, Peter Jackson; Index.

About the Editor: Dr Claire Dwyer is a Senior Lecturer and Dr Caroline Bressey is a Lecturer, both in the Department of Geography, University College London, UK

Reviews: \’This volume will find a firm and deserved place in the literature on geographies of race and racism. It stimulates reflections on geographical, political and policy discourses on race, reminds us of the historicity of ideas about race and racism, draws attention to the microgeographies of everyday life to demonstrate how ideas of race are made and remade, and frames new debates about a \”post-race\” politics. The essays are thoughtful and incisive, and stimulate questions well beyond Britain.\’
Lily Kong, National University of Singapore

\’The complex, theoretically divergent contributions in this edited volume dissect contemporary, but always historicised, geographies of race and anti-racism in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. They are a must read for advocates of space and place based studies concerning current political and policy based issues.\’
Linda Peake, York University, Canada

Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2008-12-17
End Time: 17:00

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