IGRS photography seminar

Title: IGRS photography seminar
Location: Wednesday 26 November, IGRS Stewart House Room 176
Description: Two speakers both exploring issues around photography archives.

Ania Dabrowska (photographer): Photographing Prostitution – A Game of Consequences

This paper is based on an ongoing collaboration (since 2004) with a charity working with street sex workers of the East End of London, U-Turn Project. The presented photographic work follows an evolution of the changing nature of my involvement with the subject matter: from documentary photography about the charity and the lives of the sex workers in the East End, to examples of work produced by the sex workers during participatory photography workshops I facilitated.

Full abstract here.

Anthony Luvera (artist and writer): How to House a Homeless Archive?

In 2002 I began working on the compilation of an archive of photographs made by people who have experienced homelessness living in London. This was born out of a reaction to an invitation to photograph homeless people in a traditional point and shoot documentary style, which I immediately declined. Instead I chose to compile images made by the ‘subjects’. Over the past seven years or so I have worked with over 300 people on the archive project. Each participant has contributed to the archive in many different, unexpected, interesting and powerful ways, telling of their own particular circumstance, interest, outlook and experience of living in London.

Full abstract here.

To be chaired by Alessandra Antola (Royal Holloway)

Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2008-11-26
End Time: 20:00

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