A few days in Scandanavia

Greetings from Sweden! I’m currently in Malmo, where I have been attending this conference at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare. The conference focused on representation of migration and the two main sessions looked at museums and school textbooks (with some particularly disheartening examples of the limits to diversity education from Austria, in particular). As always, it has also been an opportunity to meet some interesting people and to find out more about research and initiatives elsewhere in Europe. For example, talking to other participants, I learned that a major French audiovisual archive, the Cinematheque de Toulouse is currently in the early stages of a project to catalogue its collection of documentary material relating to the history of Toulouse’s minority communities and is – I think – looking at developing some sort of participatory process for archival description. I also heard about an interesting sounding research project using ethnographic methods to map the topography of Turkish community ‘sites of memory’ in Berlin (no website as yet but here’s a link to the lead researcher’s page). I understand this project may take a little while to get under way, but I think it will be an interesting one to watch…


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