Busy days in the ‘field’

This blog has been a bit quiet of late, for which I apologise. One of the main reasons for this is that I have been getting busily involved with our third case study. I’m ‘in the field’ two full days a week now and whilst this is fantastic in terms of generating data it’s also very time consuming (in general every hour in the field requires an hour for writing up…).

Yesterday was not a typical day exactly but it gives some indication of the kind of activities involved in this slightly peculiar kind of fieldwork:-

9:30 Meeting at Museum in Docklands about a workshop we’re planning on organising in the spring (more details to follow).

12:00 Arrive back at case study (West London). Spend a couple of hours chasing permissions on the phone from film makers for film screenings around the project. Also update a database with local press contacts to invite to the project launch.

14:00 Leave office with project coordinator to catch a train to Wellingborough (!) to go and look at possible panels for an exhibition. The 50min train journey both ways provides a good opportunity to catch up on the background to the project, to discuss the organisation’s upcoming plans and to do some informal interviewing.

18:15 Arrive back in London just in time for…

18:45 Board meeting at the house of one of the board members of our first case study organisation (now completed). The setting is friendly and informal but they are looking for feedback on the project and it’s a bit like being interviewed. Two interesting questions come up: did I enjoy the case study? (yes, very much so, especially seeing people motivated by a cultural-political objective see their ideas through and make a project happen). What did I find most difficult? (Taking a step back and assessing which parts of the data are generalisable and what comes down instead to specific issues of personalities etc.)

19:50 Leave board meeting. I’m supposed to be going to a rehearsal in central London but it is now too late so I go home instead.

21:30 at least an hour writing outline or ‘skeleton’ notes from the day, to be filled in more extensively later…



2 Responses to “Busy days in the ‘field’”

  1. Amy Says:

    Eek! I was kind of hoping life post-PhD would be easier!!!

  2. Mary Says:

    Hi Amy!
    Well, not necessarily easier, but definitely more sociable, especially when a lot of the people involved are so fantastic… And of course it depends what you end up doing.
    Hope it’s all going well!

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