‘Curioser and Curioser’: 6th annual LGBT history and archives conference

Title: ‘Curioser and Curioser’: 6th annual LGBT history and archives conference
Location: London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB
9.30am – 4.30pm £10 / £7.50 London Metropolitan Archives, 40, Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB

BOOKING: Call on 020 7332 3851 or send a cheque for the correct amount payable to the City of London to LMA Interpretation at the above address, clearly indicating the event for which you are booking and including contact details.

FURTHER INFORMATION: ask.lma@cityoflondon.gov.uk

LGBT history and heritage ideas are going from strength to strength. But what are the challenges around collecting, conserving and communicating the history of LBGT people and who and what is that history for? Come and join us for a day of talks, Q&A sessions and workshops and find out more.

Over the years LGBT communities have seen the development of a number of initiatives which set out to record, collect, celebrate and give access to important community histories. A lot of hard work has resulted in some highly successful projects, a number of which will be marked on the day. But there is always room for debate and this year’s conference sets out to open up some important questions.

Heritage Versus History. ‘Heritage’ is a term with real currency but do we want to be drawn into the ‘Heritage’ machine. Do modern heritage agendas reshape and distort history?

Preaching to the Converted? What are the histories for and who is being reached?

Why do you want my stuff? Approaches to gathering histories – can these help or hinder? Collection? What collection?

Raising Awareness or Provoking a Reaction? Have history based initiatives really changed things?

The day will explore a range of projects old and new and consider how different approaches to recording, collecting and making accessible meet the needs of the depositor, the community and those wanting to learn more from the material. Important debates will be raised about the effectiveness of the current use and exploitation of ‘heritage’ as a means of social engineering , information exchange and revisiting / reshaping the past and the impact such approaches might have on a more formal view of history.


Shropshire Archives Some People Are Gay. Get Over IT! LGBT History KS3 school project.
Brighton OurStory SODOMY AND SUFFRAGE – The joys and perils of preparing for an important new exhibition

Plas Newydd A MOST EXTRAORDINARY AFFAIR – Interpreting the legendary Ladies of Llangollen

Imperial War Museum North MILITARY PRIDE – Presenting personal experiences of military life.
Nottinghamshire’s Rainbow Heritage RUFUS WAINWRIGHT RELATED TO ROBIN HOOD…? – NHR\’s community heritage website

PLUS: The Women’s Library – Civil Partnership Project; rukus!Federation – SHARING TONGUES BLGBT HISTORIES; The National Archives / LMA – OUT THERE PORTAL; Kairos in Soho – BUILDING A SPACE; LGBT History Month / School’s Out – workshop; Hall-Carpenter Archives – PROJECT UPDATES; untoldlondon – STALL
Start Time: 09:30
Date: 2008-12-06
End Time: 16:30

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