Travel and conferences

I am about to embark on a (very glamorous) trip to a series of archival conferences in Malaysia and Australia at which I will be speaking about various aspects of what might be loosely termed the democratising archives & heritage agenda and on community archives in particular. I am not writing this in order to brag about how lucky I am but to a show how these ideas are being increasingly debated within the archival profession internationally, and how in many ways the UK is only just beginning to catch up in thinking about questions of diversity, representation, disputed and multiple heritages, etc.

The first conference is the 4 yearly congress of the International Council on Archives which this year is being held in Malaysia. This is a huge event, with as many as 4000 delegates in attendance and hundreds of speakers on a great variety of subjects. Details of the programme can be found here. I will be speaking along with Elizabeth Shepherd (UCL) and Laura Millar from Canada in the session entitled Archives and communities: where are the boundaries?

The next conference is in Perth, Western Australian and is much smaller but very interesting and important. It has a theme and many papers which I am sure would be of interest to readers of this blog. The 4th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives (or ICHORA4) has as its title Minority reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives and the programme reveals a range of potentially fascinating papers from across the world, including a number from the UK. I have been asked to give one of keynotes at this conference, which is a great honour but I am really looking for hearing all the other contributions.

As part of the conference I am also going on a visit to the Kodja Keeping Place in Kojonup, a community owned and community run heritage centre about three hours drive from Perth.

Finally back in Perth I will be speaking at the Australian Society of Archivists conference, which is entitled Archives: Discovery and Exploration. After all that I will be happily returning home to UCL and my family!

Hopefully these conferences will all provide much food for thought and I will try to keep this site up to date with some of the things I hear as I travel.


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