Then and Now: constructing the ‘host’ community

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I came across a flyer for this project last weekend whilst browsing the racks of leaflets in a community centre in North London. I think this is a really interesting project as it has the potential (if conducted in a reflexive manner) to engage with the way whiteness is constructed through heritage and memory. It also seems to me to be refusing the habitual construction of whiteness as the ‘neutral norm’ (hence not requiring definition) and instead to be take on board how whiteness is also shaped in an encounter with ‘difference’.

The project will result in a documentary, to be screened at the British Museum on 28th November. Unfortunately I can’t upload a scan of the flyer as I’m having problems uploading images from my computer to this site but anyone interested in finding out more can email press@tuaregproductions. com (that’s the address given on the flyer).

Title: Then and Now
Location: Terrace Room, Museum of London, London Wall, EC2Y 5HN
Description: Elders from the host community will talk about the changing face of London to secondary school children. Part of the ‘Building Bridges’ project using oral history to explore the impact of Caribbean migration from the ‘host community’ perspective.
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2008-07-14
End Time: 16:00

See Tuareg Productions for more information.

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